I work as a Quality engineer. I started in the field when I was hired in the role by Samsung in Austin, TX in 2006. My passion for all things Quality was born after reading “Fourth Generation Management” by Brian Joiner. There I was introduced to the philosophy of W. Edwards Deming. His books “Out Of The Crisis” and “The New Economics For Industry, Government, Education” gave me the mental model I needed to understand the dysfunction I was dealing with professionally and personally. Needless to say, my life has not been the same since.

I have been steeped in Dr. Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge (SoPK) for several years now. I am in awe of its power to help make things better. I do not think I will ever master it, but I intend to forever remain a student of it. I have not found anyone who explains the theory of variation quite as effectively as Donald J. Wheeler. His two books “Understanding Statistical Process Control” and “Understanding Industrial Experimentation” are at the core of my knowledge. I have learned about systems and systems thinking and systems design from Peter Senge‘s “The Fifth Discipline” and Russell L. Ackoff‘s “Redesigning The Future“. Daniel Kahneman‘s book “Thinking, Fast And Slow” and Dan Ariely‘s “Predictably Irrational” helped me understand human psychology. Finally, I am learning how we learn from “The Logic Of Scientific Discovery” by Karl Popper.

There are many many books to go through to develop a solid understanding of Dr. Deming’s SoPK along with countless problems to solve with it. I hope to explore all this richness on my blog. I am sure I will stumble plenty along the way, but I expect readers will help me get back up and on course. For that I will be ever grateful.

All the best,

Shrikant Kalegaonkar

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